It is a new, innovative and revolutionary modality of the traditional Bingo game that respects and combines its simple way of playing with the advantage of the network game.

Easy, accessible and intuitive, this attractive format gives us the opportunity to play without pause, network games with hundreds of other players, which makes it possible to get much bigger prizes. This, coupled with the more traditional social environment of bingo results in an exciting experience that no player can miss.

The only requirement for this game is an internet connection. Thanks to our excellent technology we get our electronic multiplayer bingo system everywhere, always maintaining the quality and fluidity necessary for the development of the game.

Our experience in the interconnection of bingo rooms gives us the capacity to network thousands of gaming terminals operating simultaneously, breaking records year after year.

t is also important to stress that this is a safe and transparent game. Degestec is equipped with a robust security system, which allows to validate in an easy and agile way, the reported data, in this way we gain the confidence in our users and makes possible to fidelize the players with our respective clients.

All this helps us to tell all kinds of audiences, from the youngest thanks to using the most innovative technologies, and the most experienced, with graphic animations that allow them to feel their game always.


Where are the rooms?


Where are the rooms?

Azulred, In the Valencian Community, consisting of 35 interconnected rooms is our pioneering network in this mode of bingo. Currently leader in our country and with an unstoppable expansion.

Arabingo, a network formed in Aragon, a solid and booming network currently has 42 interconnected rooms.